Life Groups

Pick a weekly and a monthly Life Group to register for. 

Weekly Life Groups

Sheerah Bible Study

Jen Lee, Stacey Woodley, & Renee Manasco

This Life Group is meant to empower our women and show them who Jesus is. You will need the book, Jesus & Women, to follow along with our Bible Study. 
Men's Driving Range

Wayne Lee and Dr. Brian Manasco 

Our Men are meeting at the Jasper Driving Range to have community and practice their drive. 
WLJ Youth

Alex and Nicole Brackett

Worship Life Jasper Youth is a group of young people that are on fire for the Kingdom! They are changing the world around them to focus on Jesus!

WLJ Kids

Ashlee Mansell & Lindsey Taylor

Nursery and Kid's Life Groups are a safe, loving environment for your children to come and learn about God and who He is. We have leaders who challenge your kids to grow deeper in hearing His voice. We as a body want them to be empowered to dive deep into the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Monthly Life Groups 

Celebrate Life

Matt and Michael-Anne Green

Everyone has a hurt, habit, or hang up that affects their life in some way. This ministry is an excellent way to empower your life for change. With the support of others around you that are walking through the same situations you are and the power of the Holy Spirit to bring revelation and inner healing, you will be equipped for transformation in your life.
Young Life

Brandon and Jonna Ward, Stephen Hart, and Karlie Stough

Young Life is a group with our college age and "young life" people. This age demographic ranges from 18-30.
Cooking Class

Peggy Rush and Lisa Taylor

This class will meet once a month to teach some tips and tricks on cooking.

Game Night

Kyle Bolton & David Lee

If you are interested in games such as DND, this group will be playing tonight. For more information on how to get involved, message a leader or the email provided.
Gun Range & Safety Class

Anthony Sides

This is a monthly class that will teach and train on gun safety tips and tricks.
Song Writing

Jonna Ward

This Life Group is held once a month by Jonna Ward. She will be leading everyone into a time of writing prophetic songs!
Young Moms Group

Lindsey Taylor & AnnaCathryn Amerson 

It's moms night!! This group will meet once a month. There may be months where the moms go out or stay in just to hang out. Regardless, if you are a mom looking for other moms to connect with, this group is for you.